Tattoo Removal Machine Nd Yag Laser 532 755 1064 1320

Remove- tattoos eyebrow tattoos lip tattoos eyeliner
Remove- stubborn pigment scar pigment moles
Whiten skin
Skin rejuvenation
Skin cleaning


Introduction of Tattoo Removal Machine

Do you regret getting a tattoo,have self-esteem issues or just simply want to clear up your beautiful skin?

Using the latest technologies,the latest Picosecond laser,it has never beeneasier and quicker to remove

unwantes tattoos.Tattooremoval technology has truly come a long way.A signicicant amount of research

and development has led to the launch of the thepicosecond,the most talked about laser in the cosmetic industry.

1064 laser probe: effectively eliminate dark tattoos, tattoo eyebrows, lips, eyeliner and traumatic pigmentation and freckles.

532 laser probe: suitable for the treatment of red or tan tattoos, tattoo eyebrows, lip lines, eyeliner. And it can effectively fade

the red or brown birthmark and various types of shallow spots.

755 probe: The sunburn, freckles, chloasma, age spots, dry spots, dermis spots, other stubborn stains, red, black and so on.

1320 laser probe: Skin rejuvenation, shrink pores.

tattoo removal machine tattoo removal machine

Treatment Theory of Tattoo Removal Machine

The PicoSecond Laser uses ultra-short pulses (one trillionth of a second in length) to hit the melanin with a great pressure,

the melanin shatters into tiny dust-like particles. Because the particles are so small, they are more readily absorbed and

eliminated by the body. This can mean better clearance of the melanin and less treatments overall. PicoSecond Laser is a quick

and easy non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment for the body including chest or decollete, face, hands, legs,and more.

While Compared To General Q-switch laser

1. Treatment results faster

Picosecond laser machine with higher peak power better selective photothermolysis make tattoo & Pigment removal treatment

process from 5-10 times reduced to 2-4 times , greatly reduce the treatment and recovery time , with fast and obvious effective.

2.More Comfortable & Less hurt

Compared to traditional passive q-switch laser or eletro q-switch laser ;Picosecond Laser can remove all kinds of pigment and

tattoo in less short pulse ,thus with less harmful to skin more comfortable & Safe.

pico laser picosecond tattoo removal machine


• Melasma

• Epidermal nevi

• Tattoo removal

• Acne scars

• Non-ablative resurfacing

• Pigmented and vascular lesions

Treatment Area of Tattoo Removal Machine

• All color tattoo, eyeline and lipline removal

• Epidermis and dermis pigment

• evus of Ota, blue naevus, black nevus, coffee spotSenile plaques, freckle, sunburn spot and chloasma

• Skin whitening and wrinkle removal etc.

laser tattoo removal

tattoo removal machine

Product Parameter
Product name
Picolaser tattoo removal machine
ND:YAG pico laser
Handle quantity
Laser Wavelength
1064nm, 532nm, 755nm, 1320nm
Treatment heads
4pcs(1064nm, 532nm, 755nm, 1320nm)
Working frequency
1–10Hz (Adjustable)
Pulse Width
Input Power
Touch screen
10.4-inch true color touch screen
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