Nd Yag Laser 1064nm 532nm Tattoo Removal Machine

3 working heads 1320nm,1064nm, 532nm

Treatment for tattoo, spot, pore, scar, skin whitening

Used for beauty salon, aesthetics center, portable type, easy to move away



Working Principle of Nd Yag Laser

Laser emitted by the system has a strong penetration ability which allows it toreach the deep layer of dermis.

The pigment particles absorb the light energy andexplode sharply, burst into the tiny pieces, thus diminish the

color density and getrid of it.So the appliance can effectively do away with mutant pigmentations andvascular

tissue based on undamaged ambient tissue. This is called ‘Selective heatabsorption’ principle in medical field.

The energy of Q-switched ND:YAG laser can be absorbed by the blue and blackmelanin.The melanin will be

fragmented so small that they can be metabolizedby the lymphatic system or egested out ofthe body. Thus the

tattoo or other pigmentations will be removed without damage to normal tissue.The treatment issafe and

convenient without downtime and side effects.

laser tattoo removal Q Switched

Advantage of Nd Yag Laser

1. With high homogeneous light spot, uniform energy distribution, good consistency of treatment effect and more safety.

2. More effective against all exogenous and endogenous pigments

3. Short pulse width, with a special laser bar for industry, higher peak power to break down pigment more thoroughly.

4. Reduced pain and less skin damage.

5. Intelligent water temperature control system: to avoid high water temperature and damage to the handle.

6. Unique shape design and color matching, making the product more beautiful and fashionable.


Scope of application

Exogenous pigmented skin problems: the operation of pigmented skin lesions such as tattoos, eyebrows, eye lines, lip lines

and traumatic tattoos has good clinical results. With the toner operation head, black face dolls and white porcelain dolls can

be developed to achieve skin rejuvenation, fine pores, lightening spots, whitening, blackhead and oil control.

nd yag laser nd yag laser nd yag laser tattoo removal machine


Laser type: ND:YAG solid-state laser

Material: ABS plastic + metal

Power: 500W

Laser wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm, 1320nm

Cooling system: wind + water cooling

Energy: 2000mj

Frequency: 1–10Hz Adjustable

Pulse duration: 1-10ns

Pulse width: 1–10ns

Voltage: 110V-220V/50-60Hz

nd yag laser treatment

nd yag laser effect

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