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Introduction of Vacuum RF

Principle of Vacuum RF

Cavitation machine is using fat blasting to get rid of fat. They are mutual vibration and friction between the

fat cells by using ultrasonic wave probe launching up to 80000HZ, and then energy consumption, finally the

cells blasting instant. Of course,this effect is to make the local heating, and then blasting fat, so as to achieve

the effect of reducing fat. This machine has a powerful function description: 80K blasting fat probe, vacuum

& bipolar RF liposuction probe, multipolar RF probe, face RF probe,can make different parts of the body beauty.


Function of Vacuum RF

1. body and facial slimming
2. Wrinkle removal
3. Skin lifting and tightening
4. Blood circulation improving
5. Striae pregnancy removal
6. Skin rejuvenation
7. Moisture and skin revival
8. body sculpting, weight loss, decomposition, eliminate stubborn fat.

1. Ultrasonic Cavitation head
Strong targeting of the fat, remove fat, the use of concentrated strong acoustic hair injection frequency of 40000HZ strong

sound waves,vibrating fat cells at high speed, strong impact on fat cells, so that the fat cell membrane inward blasting,

triglyceride decomposition into glycerol and free fatty acids, Resulting in the breakdown of fat cells, so as to achieve the

efect of weight loss body. Focus on ultrasound only for fat and fatty tissue, the body does not work in other organs and

tissues, it will not cause any harm to the body.

cavitation rf

2. RF negative pressure row acid head
Through the combination of vacuum and optoelectronics, smooth lymphatic channels to speed up the body’s metabolism,
blood circulation, speed up the toxin metabolism and nutrient absorption, relieve pain, health care, which played acid acid
correction purposes. High-frequency RF deep fat body can be direct, so that fat cells in a rapidly active state, the heat of cell
body friction heat, the local temperature, through the sweat glands, with vacuum suction, massage through the negative pressure,
direct Blast thick fat, the effect is obvious.
vacuum rf
3.DDS Magnetic energy therapy brush
DDS Nano magnetic physiotherapy brush using magnetic energy to heat, clear the body meridians, promote lymphatic drainage,
promote blood circulation, blood run. The use of far-infrared energy to stimulate the body’s cells to stimulate the qi, clear thmeridians,
to achieve “general rule is not painful”, vigor and blood, eliminate toxins, regulate yin and yang, quickly clear the body of the lymphatic
and meridians. Physiotherapy brush can act on all parts of the body, and can achieve good detoxification soothing effect, can effectively
improve a variety of pain disorders: back pain, frozen shoulder, waist and leg weakness.
vacuum rf
4.Magnetic vibration head
Vibrating massage head with magnetic field generates magnetic field, vibration and heat at work. Right dizziness, headache,fatigue, insomnia,
lumbar and cervical pain and other symptoms have significantly improved and soothing effect. The magnetic pulse can be accurately heated
under the epidermis and dermis, even subcutaneous adipose tissue, resulting in immediate tissue contraction and long-term collagen
regeneration, increasing skin elasticity, to achieve the effect of beauty regimen. Men can clear the stomach, detox, beer belly, effective in
achieving abdominal health. Women can warm Palace, beauty, rule out dysmenorrhea, bid farewell to the dark yellow skin.
cavitation machine
Product Name
6 IN 1 RF Cavitation Vacuum Ultrasonic Body Sculpting Machine
Input Voltage
Vacuum+Cavitation+ RF+BIO+Infrared
6 Pcs/Cavitation/Magnetic vibration/RF (3pcs)/DDS
Radio frequency
Vacuum pressure
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