Green Light Laser 10D Cellulite Reduction Beauty Equipment

10D green light laser with 532nm

For whole body cellulite reduction and Pain Relief Knee Arthritis

360 degree scanning on large areaain, Fat dissolving, Reduce cellulite, Improve metabolism, Remodeling collagen



How Does Green Light Laser Compare to Other Treatments?

A. This green light laser named 10D Maxlipo Master Laser, it has a number of benefits that traditionafat-reduction options don’ t. Unlike liposuction, a surgical procedure thatcauses bruises, redness, and swelling, and weeks of downtime, the green light Laser is a cold fat removal treatment that causes no bruisingor swelling, no side effects, and has no downtime. lt uses low-level laser lightto penetrate the skin and break down fat. The treatment is non-invasive, withno discomfort or pain, and none of the risks associated with a surgicalprocedure such as liposuction.
B. Other popular noninvasive procedures use fat freezing to break down fatgenerally involve more discomfort than laser fat removal treatments and in somecases require 60-90 days post treatment to see optimal results.  The 10D Maxlipo Master Laser is the only laser fat loss option F*AMarket Cleared to treat patientswith BMIs up to 40.Cleared totreat the entire body, it reducesfat that causes love handlesmuffin tops, and more.

green light laser

Application of Green Light Laser

Eliminate the abdomen, waist, back, buttocks,thighs, butterfly sleeves, double chin excess fat, reduce the circumference of the treatment site. There is no need to use anesthesia, there is no pain, numbness, will not cause scar, trauma, no need to recover. Due to specific wavelength, laser only acts on the subcutaneous fat cell layer, other cells such as skin and capillary blood
vessels will not be damaged during this process, safe and reliable way to reduce fat.

Treatment of Green Light Lipo Laser
Treatment courseTreatment course is 6 sessions, every other day for approximately 2 weeks. Treatment time for each session is 40minutes. The minimum suggested treatment period is two weeks, with three full sessions each week. No downtime or recovery period is needed after treatment.

green light laser

Advantage of Green Light Laser

1. Upgraded Laser Head
Multi diode laser foldable on both wings can focus multiple
lasers and make the slim treatment more flexible
2. Hight Quality Diode Laser
-Imported from Japan
-Double lens to increase the spot area of the laser and
concentrate the energy
-High-temperature-resistant materials for continuous running
3. Industrial-grade Elevator
Make the entire laser head fully automatically up and down
to adjust to the height of the bed
4.12inch High-sensitivity Touch Screen
-More Convenient

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