Plasma Pen Mini Laser Spot Wart Tag Removal Device

Removal of spots

Removal of moles

Removal of granulation tissue

Removal of tattoos


Working princliple of Plasma Pen

The instrument is equipped with modern advanced over-current, over-voltage and automatic voltage regulation system,

highly protect the devices use time and stability. Micon ion dot mole pen working principle similar as CO2 laser beauty

equipment, using the latest high effifient power conversion material and chip control technology. Once spots removal a

few millimeter distand from the skin, device release fire tempreture over 2000 degree centigrade, carbonation bad spots

on the skin to keep t disappear peranently.

plasma pen plasma pen

Advantage of Plasma Pen

1. Latest technology Using the latest high-tech, the use of microcomputer control safe, convenient and quick 

2. Three adjustable the 3 gear can be used to adjust the power output, the treatment of smart and reliable. 

3. Electric ion technology Unique ion
technology, the use of the process will not make people feel that there is an electric flu, no bleeding 
4. Charging type Charging
type, compact and convenient to carry, charging a continuous work for more than five hours.



LED digital control system

Ergonomic design

The control system of energy and frequency

Easy and easy start up system

Adjustable energy and frequency, safe use

Pencil shape! Super handy!


Functions of Plasma Pen

Removal of spots

Removal of moles

Removal of granulation tissue

Removal of tattoos

mini plasma pen plasma spot removal plasma device
co2 jet
co2 plasma

Note after use

– each user has different skin recovery time due to their different physique.

– do not wash face and make up for a day after use.

– use the following week to ban swimming, strenuous exercise, shower, drinking, exposure and skin.

— the scab is falling behind. Use sunscreen to prevent skin damage.

– to prevent skin inflammation after use, please pay attention to clean the wound to prevent infection.


1.Please clean and disinfect the skin before use.
2.If you can’t bear the pain, you can do topical anesthesia.Please click to contact us if needed.

Product Name
Plasma Pen
Operation System
Plasma Technology
DC12V, 4A
Power Level
Frequency Level
Mole Removal,Spot/Tattoo Removal,Freckle removal
20x11x8cm, 1kg
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