Emslim RF 7 Tesla Neo Electro Stimulation Beauty Machine

1. Build Muscle

2. Reduce Fat

3. Muscle Sculpt

4. Pelvic floor muscle repair



Working Therapy of Emslim RF

Home use NEO RF Sculptor is an instrument that eliminates fat cells and increases muscles non-invasively through the combination

of synchronized radio frequency heating and high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic

energy. the main force is tostimulate and contract muscles, reduce fat, applicable parts include the abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves and thighs.


Function of Hiemt RF


1. Build Muscle
The muscle contracts 30000 times with high frequency and intensity, so as to train and increase muscle
density and volume.
2. Reduce Fat
The ultimate contraction of muscle needs a large amount of energy supply, so the fat cells beside
the muscle are also consumed, leading to natural apoptosis and effective reduction of fat thickness.
3. Muscle Sculpt

Exercising the abdominal muscles, shaping the vest line / exercising the hip muscles, creating the peach hips / exercising the abdominal

oblique muscles, and shaping the mermaid line.

4. Pelvic floor muscle repair

Effectively enhance the pelvic floor muscles, restore firmness, and improve elasticity; strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, repel incontinence,

urine leakage, dripping, and lower abdomen protrusion , Lower basin slack and other problems; get rid of difficult orgasm and other problems.

emslim rf principle emslim rf

Treatment of Emslim RF

1. Build and strengthen muscle tone.
2. Melt away stubborn bulges.
3. Reshape abs & reduce belly fat.
4. Lift and tone the buttocks.
5. Strengthen +reshaping thighs and calves.
6. Build up your triceps and biceps.
7. Non-invasive buttocks lifting.
8. Safe, non-invasive & No downtime.
9. Painless, 30 minutes treatment.

10. Natural looking, long lasting results

emslim neo rf

emslim rf hiemt machine


Handle 1: EMS RF Handle

Handle 2: Single Pelvic Floor

Electromagnetic wave output intensity: 0-5Tesla

RF Frequency:

Shape of stimulation: Biphasic wave pulse

Pulse: 300μs(Microsecond)

Treatment area: Legs Arms Abdomen Hips Back Shoulder

Voltage: 110V-240V,50hz-60hz

Size of main machine: 34.5cm * 33.5cm * 26cm

Weight: about 12KG

Packing Size: 60cm * 46cm * 35cm


FAQ for Emslim RF

1. When will I see the results?

RE: Results are usually visible 8-12 weeks after treatment. Best results are seen 8-12 weeks after the last

treatment. To break down fat and increase muscle mass, patients need patience, usually after 4-6 treatments.

2. How often do you do it? Do a course of treatment several times?

RE: Usually once every 2-3 days. 4-6 times as a course of treatment. The number and frequency of

treatments needed depends on your size, fitness level, and goals. Most patients experience significant resultsin just four sessions,

while others may require additional treatments for more individualized results.

3.How long do the results last?

RE: As long as you maintain your weight, remain relatively active, and participate in regular maintenance

treatments, the muscle growth that Body Sculpting EMS produces is permanent. If you overeat, the chances of a lasting effect are less.

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