EMS Machine Fitness Muscle Stimulator Electrostimulation

2pcs pad for chest, 20pcs for Body

4pcs for face, adhesive tape 8pcs

Belts: 35CM 6pcs, 50cm 4pcs, 90cm 2pcs.



EMS Machine Principle

Physical therapy is performed by applying pulsedcurrents to nerve and musde tissue in various partsof the body.

Therapeutic effect: Low-frequencycurrent:excitatory neuromuscular tissue; Analgesiceffect; Promotes local blood circulation;

Medium frequency conversion prescription: Duringthe treatment, two groups of the same frequenc)change periodically in the

range, and the amplitudemodulation of different phases is periodicallcross-introduced into the human body, generating

astereoscopic interference treatment field in the bodyforming a low-frequency modulated intermediatefrequency current with

biological effects for treatment.

Used to relax or strengthen muscles, for exampleduring muscle spasms, poor circulation(especially in the back and neck),

muscle atrophyafter illness, or as part of rehabilitation after injuryTherefore, they are more recommended for musdepain relief.

electro muscle stimulation

ems machine

Function of EMS Machine

1) Weight losing: stimulating the muscle nerves by using electric current will enable them to generate expanding and retracting

actions in rhythms that appear when you are running fast or jogging, so as to obtain the effect of fast weight losing.

2) Body shaping: expand and retract the muscles that can only be exercised in such drastic sporting

actions as running, rope skipping and sit-ups. (Tightening the loose muscles)

3) Breasts shaping(firmness): by simulating the chest spreading movement, you can strengthen the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor

and costoscapularis, and stimulate the capillary vessels and subnucleus within the epidermis and hypodermis tissue to generate hydration

and provide the nutrition and oxygen demanded in furrowed area, so as to enable the loose and droopy breasts to recover their firmness.

4) Lymphocinesia boosting: by means of strengthening the Lymphocinesia, you can guide and stir up the fluids within the artery,vena and

lymph vessel to boost the flowrate and thus obtain more oxygen and nutrition for cell metabolizing, at the same time, the waste and toxins

between cells and water content can be smoothly discharged out.

Accessories of EMS Machine

Pads: 2pcs for chest, 20pcs for Body, 4pcs for face, adhesive tape 8pcs
Belts: 35CM 6pcs, 50cm 4pcs, 90cm 2pcs.
Connections cables: 10pcs

ems machine

ems muscle stimulation ems machine

ems machine

ems device electro muscle stimulation

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