Cryolipolysis Body Slimming Cryo EMS Cooling Pad

Cryolipolysis + EMS therapy

4 cooling pads with 8 refrigerants, the lowest temperature can reach -10 degree, continue to work without downtime.

The EMS function accelerates fat metabolism.

The cooling pads can work simultaneously or separately.



Working Principle of Cryolipolysis

(1) Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is an unique non-invasive method for the selective reduction of fat cells with controlled localized cooling. This fat freezing crystallization procedure makes fat cells under a process “apoptosis”. Non-vacuum application deliver a great comfortable cooling treatment without oedemas, bruising and skinniness caused by suction of criolipolisis vacuum cup.

cryo pad principle

(2) EMS — Electrical Muscle Stimulation

ems principle

Application of Cryolipolysis

Eliminate the abdomen, waist, back, buttocks, thighs, butterfly sleeves, double chin excess fat, reduce the circumference of the treatment site.
There is no need to use anesthesia, there is no pain, numbness, will not cause scar, trauma, no need to recover.

cryolipolysisems cryo function  advantage of cryolipolysis cryolipolysis

Q & A

(1) Where is the EMS function?

The EMS function is incorporated onto the cryo pads, it can work simultaneously or separately.

(2) Whats the benefit of EMS function?

According to human neurology, 600 times electronic pulse currents per minute directly act on muscle nerve, can deeply reach the fat body, stimulate the most intensive neuro to induce muscle to generate shrinkage exercise. In the rapid active state of fat cells, the local fat layer is sufficient exercise, the body’s basal metabolism is improved, and the effect is still continued within 24 hours after use. The kinetic energy is transformed into slimming energy, quickly eliminates human fat, and achieves more slimming effect than traditional methods, and tightens the curve of the whole body.

Mode A:Low Frequency      Mode B: High Frequency

Mode C: Medium Frequency   Mode D: Low & High Frequency

Low & Medium frequency stimulating neuromuscular contraction, reduces pain threshold, relieve adhesion, commonly used in neuromuscular disease, such as injury, inflammation, etc .; High frequency with its thermal effect and heat extraction of the human body, sagging inflammation, edema, stimulating tissue regeneration, pain relief, often used to treat injury, inflammatory pain symptoms. It is conducive to fat metabolism.

treatment of cryolipolysis antifreeze membranes parameter of cryolipolysis

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