Antifreeze Membrane for Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine

1. unique ingredient antifreeze
2. cryotherapy antifreeze protect skin
3. antifreeze used from 5 degreeto -10 degree temperature
4. Factory direct price



What is Antifreeze Membrane?

At a certain low temperature, subcutaneous adipose tissue will be converted to solid and machine is use this theory premature
aging of fat cells , so as to achieve the effect of weight loss .But some human tissue parts are fragile , if it is directly
contact with machine and there will moderately frostbite, so in order to avoid this problem , we especially make a kind of organic
pad that is antifreeze mambrane , it can effectively protect the treatment area to frostbite.
Antifreeze mebrane is an important and necessary part of every, single treatment with the most advanced method of eliminating fat
– . Antifreeze mebrane contains hypoallergenic substances that during development have proved most suitable for safe and clean
handling and basic membrane was fabricated using a new, advanced technology nanostructures.

Antifreeze Membrane

Antifreeze Membrane

Feature and function of Antifreeze Membrane

(1). Unique recipe antifreeze.
(2). Cryolipolysis antifreeze protect skin.
(3). Antifreeze used below -20 degree temperature.
(4). 1 pcs/bag.
(5).used for skin frozen therapy(disposable material)


Size & Weight of of Antifreeze Membrane

small size
medium size
big size
34 *42cm



cryolipolysis pad

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