Nd Yag Laser Machine Carbon Gel Black Doll Treatment Cream


1 bottle*Cream ( 80ml)
Product Information
Texture: Viscous Liquid
Efficacy: Used with picosecond laser to brighten skin, shrink pores, hydrate skin, repair barrier, lock in moisture, regulate
grease balance and improve complexion
Ingredient: Rose Extract, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera Gel, Oat Albumin Extract, Natural Carbon Powder

1.Excellent Adsorption Capacity.
With countless inner voids, carbon particles have long been regarded as natural absorbents. it can easily suck out any dirt from the skin.

2.Safeguard Fragile Skin.
Can form a thick layer on the skin and protect it from being directly attacked by laser. You no longer have to worry about any irritation, soreness or redness that once may occur.

3.Strong & Accurate Attack.
When applied on skin, the carbon particles are mingled with the melanin to form much large spots, enabling laser to target and blast the spots without missing even the smallest melanin.

4.Additional Nutrients.
Some nourishing ingredients are added to offer comprehensive care. The cream can shrink pores, hydrate skin, repair barrier, lock in moisture, regulate grease balance and improve complexion.

5.Like Applying a Mask.
This painless operation can be finished in a few hours-you don’t have to rest in bed or even ask for a leave. It is recommended to those whose are seeking an regular skin care project that saves time and energy.

1.Apply around 2ml of the cream evenly on face.
2.Wait 5-10 minutes until it drys.
3.Use a picosecond laser.
4.Wash away the residue of the cream.

Caution Preoperative
1.Do not bask, sunbathe or do a SPA within one month before the operation.
2.Do not accept laser, dermabrasion or acid dermabrasion treatment within one week before the operation.
3. It is not suitable for people with multiple inflamed and purulent wounds.
4. Consult your physician if you are sensitive to light, have skin problems, have an abnormal immune system, or are pregnant or taking special medications.

1. Your skin will feel dry after the operation. It is recommended to strengthen moisturizing.
2. Within a week after the operation, do not use skin care products containing fruit acid, A acid, salicylic acid, exfoliating
ingredient, high concentration of vitamin C, alcohol or other irritating ingredients.
3. Protecting yourself from sunburn. It is recommended to use sunscreen products of SPF30-50 or above. Remember to reapply it when being outdoors every 2-3 hours, and it is best to use an umbrella or wear a hat.

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