Microneedle RF Machine Moreplus Mtskinpen Fractional Device

1. Fine Lines Treatment
2. Acne Removal Treatment
3. Nasolabial Folds Treatment
4. Cervical Stripes Removal
5. Stretch Marks Removal



Introduction of Microneedle RF Machine

Theory of Microneedle RF Machine

MTSkin Pen is a minimally invasive fractional therapy that combines RF + insulated microneedles + fractional technology. The device is equipped with 5 probes (12p, 24p, 40p, nano heads). Under the control of the system, the insulated needles quickly penetrate the epidermis, and the RF energy penetrates deep into the skin through the needles, causing tiny damages, awakening the cellular self-repair function, and accelerating the repair and regeneration of damaged skin. The thermal stimulation produced by RF jointly stimulates the skin’s self-repair mechanism, which liquefies and destroys fat cells while contracting soft tissues over a large area, promoting the proliferation of collagen and fibroblasts, thus reducing fat, reshaping and tightening and lifting the skin. In addition, radiofrequency can destroy sebaceous gland secretion, reduce oil secretion, improve enlarged pores, effectively treat inflammatory acne, etc.; personalized care for skin roughness and laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, acne marks, pimples pits, acne scars and stretch marks. The nano heads effectively heat the skin and the thermal action encourages collagen production in the dermis, making the skin firmer, improving wrinkles, pores and increasing skin firmness.

microneedling rf

microneedling rf machine

microneedle rf for face

Application of Microneedle RF Machine

(1) Wrinkle removal: fine lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, nasolabial folds, neck lines, etc.

(2) Facial rejuvenation, skin regeneration, firming and lifting.

(3) Remodeling fat and collagen, improving cellulite and refining skin texture.

(4) Postpartum repair: (abdomen) stretch marks, (buttocks, legs) swelling lines.

(5) Skin rejuvenation: improve uneven or rough skin texture, dull skin texture, make skin rosy; shrink large pores.

(6) Scar removal: acne pits and marks, acne depressed scars, burn scars.

(7) Effective treatment for active acne.

(8) Regular skin care.

micro needle rf

micro needle rf device fractional rf

Nano-S for eye area
Nano-L for face
12pins needle for small or smaller treatment areas.
24pins needle for face and neck.
40pins needle for use on body parts; for larger and deeper tissue treatments

Note: Microneedles need to be sterilized for use and can be sterilized with alcohol. Specialized use is recommended.

microneedle rf machine microneedle rf machine

microneedle rf machine microneedle rf machine

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