Microneedle RF Gold Radio Frequency Fractional Machine

Microneedle rf machine comes with 4 working probe, 10pin, 25pin, 64pin, Nano needle

Different fracctional rf working probe size can be for Body, Face, Eyes, Legs, Arms, Neck, Throat

Used for beauty salon, aesthetics center




Description of Microneedle RF

Micro-needle RF machine is a combination of modern micro-needle rejuvenation, dotmatrix pixel laser,RF and other technologies improved, through the insulating coatingmicro-needle into the subcutaneous dermis, the use of radio frequency, laser and othertechnologies directly acting on the dermis, then heating, the top of the micro-needle toplay a role in protecting the epidermis will not be damaged and produce discomfort.According to the human body to protect the regeneration capacity, the dermal layer ofcollagen in the heating, activation, regeneration, the collagen of the skin due to thermadenaturation and tightening the skin anti-aging effect.


Principle of Microneedle RF

Micro-needle radio frequency is grounded through the high-energy E-wave wave, ateach point, the probe can emit up to six million times per second of the matrix molecularenergy wave, direct wrinkles and tissue loosening of the root, freeze and increase skinof its own collagen, by thermal energy to collagen contraction, to accurately locate theway to efficiently activate the skin collagen and fiber, wake up collagen regeneration.reconstruction of collagen scaffold to achieve the depth of firming, pulling, anti-wrinkleand removal stretch marks effect.


Gold radio frequency microcrystalline vs dot matrix laser difference

1. The high frequency crystal head is formed by the crystal depth of physical properties, forming heating and solidification fields.

2. Gold RF microcrystalline target depth and required energy can be finely regulated.

3. Laser scattering, but it is difficult to reach the target depth (target 2mm), and the absorption of energy within the skin tissue can not be correctly predicted,

often occur side effects such as hormonal disturbances.

4. Heating through the epidermis, and a longer rest, and it is difficult to calm.

lattice laser a course of care time must be reached (3~5 times), while relative to laser RF-Needle is according to the circumstances may need (1~3 times) care.

micro-needle rf handle microneedle rf handle fractional rf needles setting microneedle rf microneedle rf microneedling rf

Specification of Microneedle RF

RF frequency: 2-4Mhz

Display: 8-inch color touch screen

Shell material: ABS

4 working tips Size: 10pin 25pin, 64pin, nano needle

Needle Thickness: 0.3mm

Adjustable Deption: 0.2-3.5 (0.1step )

Treatment Duration: 50ms-950ms

Treatment Area: Body, Face

Voltage: 110V~240V, 50-60HZ

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