Face Body RF Cream Slimming Conductive Radio Frequency Gel


1. RF creamStrong thermal conductivity, no irritation to the skin, no damage to the probe, easy to use, no corrosion, no irritation, no pollution.
2. Used for all kinds of RF machines, it has many effects, the nutrient ingredients in colleges and universities penetrate the skin, promote cell metabolism, efficient whitening, veneer,
Stimulate the regeneration of collagen, lift facial skin tissue, calm and reduce inflammation, rejuvenate the skin, make the skin smooth, delicate, white and tender
3.This product contains a lot of plant fibrin, which lifts the skin, and the skin will have obvious tightness after use. Long-term use can restore the skin’s firmness.
Improve deep wrinkles caused by excessive nutrient loss and remove wrinkles

Name: RF skin tightening conductive cream
Contain: 1000ml
Ingredient: Water, Mineral oil, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, dimethicone, potassium lauryl phosphate,
betaine propylene glycol,Caprylic hydroxamic acid, ethylhexyl glycerin, xanthan gum, light benzyl ester, propyl paraben, alternate leaf white dry layer leaf oil

Function: Moisturizing and long-lasting, efficient introduction of light waves

Character: Strong thermal conductivity, no irritation to the skin, no damage to the probe, easy to use and easy to remove.

Use for: Used for beauty equipment such as RF radio frequency instrument, multi-pole radio frequency instrument, electric wave lifter, baby face machine, etc.

How to using: For external use, apply an appropriate amount to the probe or the treatment site

rf cream rf cream

rf cream

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