Derma Pen Serum Skin Rejuventation Micro Needle Essence

Derma Pen liquid foundation with 5 kinds of skin color type

Derma Pen skin serum with 5 kinds of function

Skin serum for whitening, Salmon DNA, peptide, acne removal, aqua skin care

The skin serum can be used with micro needle, MTS machine, derma pen



Principle: ”Micro stop face’ ‘Through the makeup setting technology, the natural plant makeup setting liquid is selected to set the

skin color on the face, so as to achieve the effect of applying liquid foundation and keep it for a certain time. Generally, its operating

time is around 40 minutes to one hour. As for the duration of maintenance, it varies from person to person. Generally, a single treatment

can last for 15-30 days. The course of treatment can last for about a y


Effects: Brightening, Anti-aging, Covers dark spots, freckles, acne scars, blemishes, Dewy skin


Popular science micro agerasia foundation
1, pure plant essence extract security mild
2, the routine use of one at a time
3, the first operation to keep time 10-15 days according to the individual metabolic maintain different length of time each do a
skin carry bright and white
4, do keep the longer the more
5, finish foundation even completely off the skin metabolism is better than white and never done before
6, the use of nanotechnology micro needle operation


Operation Procedure

1. Facial cleansing: Clean the face and makeup to achieve a clean and refreshing state

2: Hot compress: Hot compress for 5-10 minutes to open skin follicles

3: Disinfection: Use alcohol or iodine to disinfect the face, avoiding eye areas, and then wipe the face with physiological saline

4: Drop liquid foundation on the skin. According to the customer’s skin condition, the electric nano needle is regularly adjusted

to 0.5-1.0 for operation. The operation starts from the forehead in a counterclockwise circle, and the general operation time is

30-50 minutes

5: After the operation, the face may appear slightly red, which varies from person to person. You can apply the repair calming gel to

the whole face or sterile repair facial mask

6: Do not touch the water within 6 hours after finishing the foundation make-up. Do not eat spicy food and seafood for the first 3 days.

Try not to put on heavy makeup for the first 3 days. Simply protect your skin

7: The interval between the operations is about 10 days, and the maintenance time varies from person to person. Generally, it is maintained

for about 15 days. Each time the skin is done, it will be brightened to varying degrees. The more times the skin is done, the longer the

maintenance time will be

bb glow starter kit

derma pen serum derma pen serum derma pen serum derma pen essence

BB meso cream 12 vials /box

No.1 light: 2 vials
No.1-2 light rose: 2 vials
No.2 medium: 2 vials
No.2-2 medium 2: 2 vials
No.3 deep: 2 vials
No.3 deep plus: 2 vials

BB Serum 12 vials /box

Whitening Stem Cell Culture Ampoule: 3 Vials
Aqua Stem Cell Culture Ampoule: 3 Vials
AC (Acne) Stem Cell Gold Ampoule: 2 Vials
Peptide Gold Ampoule: 2 Vials
Salmon DNA Gold Ampoule: 2 Vials

Age Group: Adults
Gender: Female
Form: Cream
Ingredient: Herbal
Supply Type:
Time Used:
Product name:
BB Foundation Meso White Serum
Acne/Spot Removing, Brighten, Whitening
All skin types
Facial Foundation
BB cream for derma pen
6 color
One box:
Meso serum:
5 color
Package size:
20* 10 *3 cm

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